Collaboration can make hardest tasks on the planet easiest to accomplish. It’s indeed applicable on design projects. Whether you are in a design team or a single person who are designing for a client, collaboration tools will help you in both the core design process and communication. Today we will see 5 free design collaboration tools.


1. InVision App

InVision is a web app that can be used to create design prototypes and share them with others. You can upload your design documents to InVision and choose animations, effects from there. The service makes app prototyping easier in this way. Finally share the whole work with your team members just by sharing the project link. There are real time commenting, mentioning and chatting features so that you can get feedbacks right away and improve the project. 


2. Red Pen

Red Pen is an interesting service that can be used without opening any account with the site. It can recognize you when you visit from the browser you used to upload and comment on the shared designs. After uploading a document, you can share that with your colleagues via a short URL. They also can comment and respond to the design. For notification purpose, the site requires an email address while commenting. It’s really an easy and fun way to collaborate designs.


3. Prevue

Prevue is another online tool to share your design with clients and co-workers. Just create a project, upload the documents and share with others. Your team members will also be able to add new images to the project. For security reasons, Prevue offers password protection feature so that you can get a more private environment. Moreover the site says that your projects will look great everywhere regardless the screen or browser. 


4. Bounce

Bounce is a convenient web app that lets you upload images and share them via links. You don’t need an account with the app to upload images or adding comments. Once the image is uploaded, grab the link from the address bar and share it with your client or co-worker. Bounce doesn’t require an email address in order to allow people comment on projects. You can also take a screenshot of a website by providing the site’s address to Bounce. The service will take an screenshot and make it shareable.


5. Marqueed

This website lets you upload images directly from your computer or capture from a URL. The service works with other services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana etc. It has an interesting bookmarklet tool which can save your time a lot. The bookmarklet seats on the browser’s bookmark bar. While visiting a site, you just click on it and the app will capture all images on that page. Now you can add them to your Marqueed collection. Overall, the web app provides an easy way to share projects, annotate/comment on images and track conversations. 


All of the above 5 sites offer both free and paid services. One may like to start with a free plan. Depending on your team size and requirements, a paid plan could be worth trying. 

How do you collaborate on your design projects? Which sharing and communication tool you use? Please share your experience via comments.