Attracting customers and readers to your website begins with beautiful looking pages, designed to target the audience you’re after specifically. Choosing the perfect theme for your WordPress site can be a difficult task, especially with so many options out there.

But, it’s not just about the look of a website that makes it appealing to readers. Your information needs to be easy to access and navigate, as well as relevant to your readers. Making it easily sharable and giving them a glimpse into your entire online presence in one place is also a great feature to include in any online blog or magazine. There are some great WordPress themes available that can offer all of this, and more, to you.

These are the top 5 best designs for blog and magazine WordPress themes available to you in 2019, to help make narrowing down the best choice much easier.


Developed and designed as a complete news or magazine WordPress theme, NewsKit provides you with a totally responsive theme perfect for a newspaper, magazine or blog related to any topic. It makes creating a professional looking website completely easy, even if you’ve got zero knowledge about the technical aspects of website design. 

Twelve available widgets make it easy to extend the functionality of this theme. This makes it easier to link the different spots you’re present online, giving readers easy access to videos, tweets and more.

You’ll have the choice between two pre-designed home page layouts, depending on the look you’re going for. The default option has article sliders, images and areas dedicated to video posting, giving it a much more complex look. If you prefer a simpler design, the second option gives you this. 

Customize every bit of this theme easily, and modify it exactly to your specifications. In addition to your home page, you’ll have themed pages for blogs, blog details, categories and contact pages. If you want to get feedback from readers, you can create themed polls on your site, simply by inputting the information on the backend. This is a great way to encourage user engagement and interaction.

It’s just $45 to gain access to this news specific theme, where you’ll also get a full year of theme updates and support. 


When readers are looking for the latest news, they want to have the information presented to them in a simple, easy to digest format, where they don’t have to search very hard to get what they’re looking for. The clean and elegant design of NewEdge give your news themed blog or online magazine that look and format that makes this possible for your readers. 

This multi-page theme is compatible with both WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, and also allows you to integrate MailChimp right into it, so you can build your online readership through both your website as well as email newsletters, expanding your reach even further and building your mailing list. 

The news itself is up front and center in this theme, and is the essential design you’ll want to have if you’ve got a blog or magazine dedicated to bringing the news to readers. The completely responsive design makes your site Google mobile-friendly, so it’s easily vieweable by your readers while they're on the go.

For just $49, you’ll have access to this theme, along with 6 months of support. For a nominal fee, you can add another 6 months of support too. Along with having this ready for news and magazine website, you’ll get the themed Contact Page and Form, language translation supports and Search engine optimization.


When you’re looking for a more sport-specific theme for your soccer and football WordPress site, Calcio is exactly that theme. Designed with definitive sports information in mind, this theme was exclusively made to display statistical sports information, including recent match results, tournaments and player profiles. 

Manage a soccer tournament or team online with ease using this theme exclusively developed for WordPress. It’s got all of the components you’ll need to clearly and accurately display all sports-related statistics and information. 

Have the ability to showcase club and player profiles, showing their history, honours and any other details. Player profiles can show off their achievements, career stats and other personal information. You can even add social media links to the players and clubs directly under their names. 

Sports enthusiasts want to know match information as it happens, so give them the most up-to-date game results and standings. They also generally want to know all the information they can get their hands on about their favourite sport, team or player. Give them a captivating display of information, saturating them with all of the latest information and details. 

If you’re managing tournaments on the site, you can easily display point tables, and order teams based on the points they’ve got in each category.

Depending on exactly how you want your site to look, and what information you’re focusing on, there are a number of home page layouts available. You’ll also have themed pages to customize for clubs, players, matches and point tables. 

For just $59, you’ll be able to use this WooCommerce ready theme, meaning you’ll also have the ability to sell any soccer item directly through your website.


For your sports news related WordPress blog, Sportsline gives you the ultimate design with everything you could possibly want in a sports-themed layout. Anyone in the sports world, from news sites to clubs and even teams and individual athletes are perfect for this design. 

Without any knowledge of programming, it’s easy to customize any page and add the available 7 custom widgets to make user interaction as simple as possible. Search engine optimization is built right into the theme, giving you increased rankings within search engines. You’ll also easily be able to implement Google Adsense into your online strategy with this theme.

A host of incredible features make this professional looking sports theme the best choice for anyone involved in sports. It’s also been designed with the FIFA World Cup in mind, ensuring that it’s completely functional and customizable to suit this event.

Of course, sport crosses barriers of language, so to make things easier for those speaking other languages, translation supports are built into the theme. 

High quality and features make Sportsline the top theme of choice for those blogging about or involved in the sports world, at just $55 for the theme.

Personal Blog

This theme is designed for the avid blogger who is presenting their website as an online diary or journal of sorts. This premium WordPress theme comes with everything needed to help with SEO. This helps ensure that your blog stays at the top of search engine results, giving you more exposure to readers and helping to push your organic rankings higher.

It’s designed with all types of devices in mind, displaying content properly, no matter what device your blog is being viewed on. Instagram posts linked automatically are highlighted in a dedicated area, easily visible to your readers, that way, anytime you post to Instagram, you don’t have to do anything to have that post reflected on your blog. Readers also won’t have to flip back and forth between your blog and Instagram pages to see everything you’re posting. 

Customize each page and everything within those pages with ease, without the need for any coding skills, and post using any format for your content, including text, audio, video and more. So, you can present readers with your blogs in a variety of formats.

As a complete blogging theme, you’ll have a coordinating Contact Page and About Page, that you can implement to make it easier for visitors to get in touch with you and ask questions, as well as learn more about you. It’s essential to have an About Page for your readers, since at the center of each Personal Blog is a real person that readers will want to know about.

Get access to this theme, as well as a year of updates and personal support for just $45.

When you’re looking to build your online presence and readership, having a beautiful and easy to navigate site is the first step in getting there. The next step is to present the relevant information they’re in search of in an easy to locate and consume manner. Selecting the ideal WordPress them to achieve this is pivotal.

There are endless options available to you, but if you’re looking for the most highly rated, best designed themes, these are the top 5 you’ll want to check out before you go anywhere else. When you take advantage of everything these premium themes have to offer, you can do incredible things to increase your online presence and make presenting information to your readers that much easier.

Be relevant in your industry and to your readers with the help of these most highly rated sports WordPress themes of 2019. 

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