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These days creating the very best in HTML marketing emails is something of a challenge, from out of date platforms to time consuming code, crafting that perfect piece takes time, a lot of time. However, just the right email will make a big impression, so anything you put in will come back to you in terms of marketing wins.

Ultimate guidelines on creating great HTML templates for marketing emails

Here we look at the ultimate guide to creating the perfect HTML email template that will hit exactly the right spot in your marketing strategy.

Stick to tables

However tempting it is to fall outside using tables, chances are it just won’t work for some clients. By using <table> and not <div>, you’ll be on the safe ground. It’s perfectly acceptable to nest tables if that helps, but try not to go any more than three deep as this can lead to issues further down the line. Remember that creating an HTML email is not the same as creating a web page. You’ll find you are a little more restricted in the content you can produce so a little creativity goes a long way.

Take a chance on video

Using HTML5, you’ll be able to insert a video link into your HTML email that is sure to make a greater impact on the reader. Experts note that companies starting to use video in their campaigns see greater returns and better customer engagement.

Kevin Irving, an HTML/CSS specialist at Lastminutewriting and Researchpapersuk said: “The best thing about video in HTML emails is that video is mobile and reaches people, even when they are on the go. HTML makes it quick to embed content and makes it easier than ever before to load and view.”

Keep it small

If you’re sending over emails with large file sizes, all that will happen is that you will annoy the reader and have them throw it straight in the trash. An email that takes up too much space or takes an age to load is not what’s required nowadays. You also run the risk of your too large file setting off the spam filters and your email never even making it into an inbox to begin with. Instead, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and create small, manageable files that open quickly and don’t shut down inboxes.

Ones to avoid

Where possible avoid completely using Microsoft Word to create your HTML email content. The coding system does not always translate well to email and runs the risk of looking seriously strange when opened up in an inbox.

Web content specialist at Draftbeyond, Susannah Dawes, said: “You should also avoid using too much in the way of Cascading Style Sheets as these can also not translate properly into email and sometimes are removed before the email can be opened. Use them sparingly on fonts or colours only.”

Test the big three

It’s likely that your customers are using one of three servers so test how your email looks in Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Don’t leave it to chance, if they don’t look right in one of these, chances are they won’t look right anywhere. Testing, testing, testing is key to creating HTML emails that look just right.

Henrietta Clarke, an SEO analyst at Writinity, said: “Take your time when creating the email. It does require some effort but the secret is to keep testing until the email is almost foolproof and will open well in almost any server. Once you have that under control you can look at the written content such as SEO keywords.”

There’s a lot to consider when creating just the right HTML marketing email. From getting the right subject line to draw in a reader, to issuing the perfect call to action but perhaps most important of all is getting the HTML design right. With just the right balance of image, video and text, the email can win a place, not only in a recipient’s inbox but also in their memory. Making your name the first one they respond to.

Using these tips craft the perfect marketing email and get ahead of the game when it comes to getting your HTML marketing strategy absolutely perfect.

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