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Whether you are a small-time blogger or part of a large software development firm with clients across the world, the website you create will reflect that to the world. According to published statistics, WordPress is the most popular CMS out there, powering nearly 32% sites on the internet.

This is a staggering number of new sites, all of which need some form of layout design, plugin capability and ongoing content management to operate correctly. In that vein, plugins such as WP Mega Menu offer a multitude of professionally designed solutions for you to test out and apply. Let’s take a look at how you can create great menu, navigation and UI elements with WP Mega Menu with no effort or difficulty apart from your own creativity. 

Benefits of using mega menu plugins

Before we get into the WordPress plugin itself, let’s take a look at why you should care about mega menus at all. After all, individual plugins can bring as much functionality to a WordPress CMS as any mega menu – right? In truth, mega menus are designed with a specific purpose to be all-in-one packages ready for dozens of applications at any given moment.

  • Pre-built elements

Mega menu plugins such as WP Mega Menu offer numerous pre-existing visual materials which can be used in the design process. For example, icon packages, navigation and UI aesthetics and fonts all fall under the mega menu jurisdiction. You can easily rely on your creative senses and forgo worrying about technicalities if you opt for a mega menu for your WordPress website.

  • Lightweight in comparison

Loading times, site speed and accessibility all play a major role in your SEO ranking and optimization. Mega menus are uniquely suited to rank your website higher due to their lightweight and centralized nature. Instead of a dozen plugins, your mega menu will be the sole plugin (apart from your theme of choice) to raise any flags with Google and its contemporaries. 

  • High ROI

Return on investment is always a topic of conversation when it comes to investing into new plugins. In case of mega menus you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth and then some compared to buying plugins in bulk. This will allow you to shift precious resources into content optimization efforts such as localization or content translation.

Start with drag & drop

Now that we have a clearer image of why mega menus are beneficial to WordPress websites, let’s take a detailed look at what makes WP Mega Menu different from others. It’s no secret that plenty of site admins rarely know how to code or apply web design effectively to their websites.

However this plugin alleviates much of the headache that typically comes with designing a menu theme from ground up. Specifically, WP Mega Menu allows you to start dragging and dropping visual elements in regards to your site’s vertical menus. You can place any element onto any place on the canvas to see whether or not these elements make sense in terms of one another.

Once they are in place and you are satisfied with their placement, you can link them to preexisting content or create entirely new pages which will be hyperlinked into the new menu. All of this is done with easy, quick and precise commands within the mega menu itself, meaning that anyone can do what they deem best for their website with very little difficulty. 

Responsive design choices

Mobile optimization and responsive design are pivotal to modern WordPress websites. After all, many people access the internet through smartphones or tablets and amount to a large potential audience for your site.

In that regard, WP Mega Menu allows for a plethora of optimization options in terms of text legibility, menu display and alignment to name a few. These features allow for more pleasant viewing on different devices that might not have the large resolutions or displays of modern desktops and Mac computers.

Social media matters

The general gist of using mega menu plugins is that you should always make the most of what each plugin package offers. In terms of social media connections however, that option becomes a necessity given the popularity of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. WP Mega Menu comes equipped with social profile options which can be integrated into your navigation menus with a click of a button.

You can choose the icon style that best suits your theme and allows visitors to connect with your social media. Thanks to the versatility of the plugin itself, it will integrate with any theme without a hitch, meaning that you can place your social media links flexibly.

Make use of hidden features 

Lastly, mega menus always offer plenty of hidden and obscure features for you to tinker with. In case of WP Mega Menu, this amounts to features such as tabbed submenu integration capabilities, ability to create multiple theme presets and switch them on the fly, as well as full WooCommerce optimization readily available. 

Additional customization features such as menu highlights to further differentiate your site from others in your industry. This is where the beauty of WP Mega Menu lies for most users and it is something that you should definitely look forward to when it comes to your own WordPress site’s optimization.

In summation

WP Mega Menu offers what most would agree to be the ultimate comprehensive way to create a website navigation system you’ve always dreamed of. You can download the plugin's Free version from the WordPress plugin directory and get the Pro version here. Remember that each feature in the plugin exists for a reason, whether to boost your SEO or make the UI and menus more appealing to visitors. Once you begin to understand the capabilities of this mega menu plugin, there will be no limit as to what you can do with it.

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