While Adobe’s Photoshop remains prominent in image editing and graphic design, still there are some other great apps that are worth trying. Today I’ll tell you about 5 tools that can make your designs more beautiful, fun and fast.


1. Affinity

Affinity is an award winning graphic design software. It received an Apple Design Award this year.The app comes with some extremely useful and rich tool sets. Affinity is only available for Macs. You can get it at  £39.99 from Apple Store.


2. Sketch

Sketch is a leading tool in the current design world. You can work on multiple artboards and pages with this app. It’s lightweight and fast. The software is priced at $99. Download it on this page.  


3. Avocode

Avocode markets itself as a bridge between designers and developers. The software supports designs created with Photoshop and Sketch. Avocode analyzes input graphic files and generates codes for you. It comes with collaboration features. The piece costs start at $8.99 per user per month. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Get Avocode here


4. Pixate

If you build for the mobile web, Pixate is an incredible tool for you. It can be used to create prototype apps quickly and see live preview on real devices. Pixate has been acquired by Google in mid 2015. The studio is free and available for Windows and Mac.


5. Blocs

Blocs is an app more than just a design tool. You can design and create websites with this single app. The software offers lots of built-in customizable page elements to design a page quickly. Blocs is available for Macs only. Pricing starts from $69.99. Get it here


There are many other similar apps around the web. Which design tools do you use most? And also suggest us great apps via comments. Happy designing.