Are designers born or made? Let’s pass this debate to scholars. But we all know that polishing makes diamonds shine. So even if you are already a design expert, still there exist some great resources worth trying. For beginners, those are priceless. Let’s see 5 top sites to get web design learning resources.


1. Udemy

Udemy is a widely popular marketplace where you can learn and teach skills. Companies can train employees using this site. Udemy has its own way to let experts create courses and offer them online via the platform. There are lots of video lectures to learn web design, development, app development, photography and much more. 

Price: Course costs at Udemy differ from each other. Most of the courses are around $60.


2. is a LinkedIn company which offers videos and relevant resources to learn and practce web design. The service hosts tons of videos on design, photography, coding, animation, CAD etc.

Price: lets you sign-up for a free trial. It has four subscription plans. The basic month-to-month plan costs $25 which goes up to $35 for a premium plan. See full pricing here. 


3. SitePoint Premium

It is another online learning platform which has been recently re-branded from Learnable. It provides video lectures on many topics such as web design, web development, apps development, marketing, UX design etc. 

Price: SitePoint premium costs $15 for the monthly plan.  If you pay the yearly bill at once, the monthly price reduces to $9.


4. Stack Overflow

This website hosts a big deal of resources useful to designers, developers and other users out there. You can just visit the site and start learning. 

Price: Stack Overflow is completely free to browse and learn.


5. Tuts+

Tuts+ is a familiar site for text and multimedia tutorials. Tuts+ covers a vast area from general “how to” contents to hours long video tutorials. Here you can learn web development, design, 3D motion graphics etc. 

Price: Tuts+ has both free and premium contents. A paid membership gets you access its total course collection. Subscription cost starts from $15 per month, $180 per year and $360 per year.


Did you use any of the above resource marketplaces? Which one do you have experience with?