You should not provide any of your information to a website that displays ‘Not Secure’ before the site URL and neither should your visitors. This is where the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) comes in. Websites without SSL certificate are not secure. Any data you put there while submitting any form or while making a transaction will be vulnerable. This is why having a SSL certificate for your website is so important. 

SSL as it is

SSL is a technology that protects visitors data submitted to the server. People are concerned about their sensitive data such as name, email address, security code/password, credit card number etc. But SSL protects them and does not let them go in the hand of any intruder. It secures your data by creating a secure connection between your browser and server. Activating SSL will get an https:// protocol with your URL. Your site data will be served via https.

Why is it Important?

There are many reasons why every website should have SSL. Apart from securing your website, there are some other benefits of having an SSL certificate. Here are some of those benefits.

  • Improves Performance: Modern SSL literally improves your page load times.
  • Boost Search Ranking: Your website will appear higher in the google search ranking.
  • Trustworthy: Visitors trust websites with SSL. They will feel safe to submit any sort of form or make any type of transaction.
  • Secure User Data:  The prime job of SSL is to secure user data so that no intruder can have them.

How to Get the SSL Certificate?

There are many SSL service providers at your disposal. Many domain names and hosting providers provide SSL certificates but almost none of them offers it at free of cost. In this article we will show you a way to get the SSL completely free with Cloudflare. We want you to follow the steps just as we instruct.

Free SSL Certificate with Cloudflare

There are some steps you will have to go through in order to get free SSL certificate with Cloudflare.

Open a Cloudflare account: The first thing you need to do is to open a CloudFlare account. Opening a Cloudflare account does not take much of your effort.

Then login to and add your website.


Check the DNS record and click continue at the bottom.



Choose the free plan and click continue. 


Change your name server to the server names provided by CloudFlare.  


Click on the page rule in the Cloudflare account then set it up. Instruction is given on the page just follow that. Add page rule just like this: http://** 


Now you need to go to your website dashboard and install CloudFlare and Really Simple SSL plugins and activate them.After you have successfully activated those two plugins, you need to set up the Cloudflare plugin with your email address and the API key given by Cloudflare. 



Once you have done all of these works, it will take 24 hours to be activated the SSL. You will see the secure sign before the URL of your website which will automatically take https instead of http.



You will find active in the status of the CloudFlare account overview within 24 hours after this process. 

This is how you can get free SSL certificate for your website. We tried to cover almost everything you need to get a free SSL. Be thankful to Cloudflare for such tremendous opportunity they have given you. For more visit their website. Good luck with your website.