You are probably a skilled web developer and better off working for a company or on your own. But great things may not happen with only the skills and knowledge you have right now. There is always a room for you to explore more. Only practicing things you already know will keep you in the loop of stagnation. As a part of the fast changing web industry, you have to focus on learning new things and equip yourself with new technologies.

Being comfortable with just what you have right now will throw you out of the race for sure. Only the developers with earnest desire to learn new skills have the guts to compete with others.

There are a lot of areas you can improve on. Your set of skills largely associated with the areas of web development you are working on. You may be a developer working with the most popular CMS or a programmer with a trendy programming language and framework. On that note of wide variety, this article includes some of the common suggestions intended to work for every web developer in general.

Hands on Skill in a Particular Programming Language

Whatever the programming language you work with, you need to have hands on skills on that. It is better to be an expert in a particular programming language than having a superficial knowledge of many languages at a time. An in-depth knowledge of a programming language will always keep you ahead of the pack. If you work with PHP, you better know object-oriented programming along with procedural programming. Almost every framework follows the object oriented programming. Profound skills in object oriented programming help a developer be better at any type of framework. If you work with CMS (Content Management System), deep knowledge of programming languages would help you make quality web apps and enhance different functionalities.

Working with Popular Frameworks

Programmers are better off working with frameworks rather than base/raw programming languages. Laravel, CodeIgniter for PHP, Django for Python, Ruby on rails are the most popular programming language frameworks for web development. Frameworks are being immensely popular because of their ease of use and vast functionalities. Having a profound knowledge in frameworks will not only enrich you but also increase your chances to get hired in top level web firms around the world. 

Well Acquaintance with Trendy JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript carries a great deal of value in web design and development. A good knowledge of JavaScript with a good acquaintance with trendy JavaScript libraries such as Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS will make you a smart developer. Google, Facebook, and other tech giants developed these sorts of libraries to ease the use of JavaScript.  These popular JavaScript libraries will enhance your skills to add different events and functionalities to your web applications. 

Frequent Presence in Popular Web Development Platforms

There are some popular platforms for web developers where they can contribute and learn a lot of things.

  • Stack Overflow is one of such platforms where developers can ask for the solutions of their problems and also give answers to a lot of questions that have been asked by others. 
  • Coderbyte is a great website to test your programming skills. It throws a lot of programming challenges with a time limit. You rank higher by solving every given challenge.
  • Github is a code repository. It helps you host your code and work with a lot of developers of your skills. It lets you contribute to a wide range of open source projects intended to serve the programming community. 

Active Presence in Web Developer Communities

Once you call yourself a web developer, you should be involved with different web developer communities. There are many developer communities around us. Some communities on social media are so active. Sometimes they organize different boot camps, webinars for the members to enhance their skills. Your strength and weakness are easily understood if you are closely involved with such a community.

Help Others

Helping others is the best way to sharpen your skills. Web development is something that requires a group of people to interact with them. Teaching newbies, sharing your update knowledge with others give you the best way to apply your skills. In a word, teaching is the best way to learn.

Evaluate Your Skills on a Regular Basis

Being a quality web developer is not just about learning new things. You need to evaluate your developments by facing new challenges such as taking part in different innovative contests. Many websites let you test your skills with a wide variety of programming challenges considering your level of difficulty. Evaluating your skills inspires you to learn more and helps you find your areas to improve in.

Web developers are a part of a respected community of the society because of their innovative creations that help us lead a better life. You can not simply become a part of this valued group of web developers just by learning few things in a short time. It takes a long time, patience and a curious mentality to learn something new. Keeping pace with the web development trend will help you do better at it and create new things. Good luck on your innovative creations.