The right WordPress theme is what makes your website stand out between others. That is why choosing the right one is so important. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing WordPress themes available in the market. Choosing a wrong WordPress themes, however, can cause you to lose money, time and potential clients!

So today we have compiled a checklist on how to choose the perfect WordPress theme!

1. Know your needs

When creating a website, planning is key. This means planning what sort of content you want in your website, the aim of your website, target audience and so much more. Your WordPress theme should be a representation of the purpose of your website.

Crete a list of what your WordPress theme should be based on. Some points to consider would be: 

  • Type of content you want to highlight. Do you want your website to focus more on videos or blog posts or something else?

  • The level of customization you require.

  • The kind of message you want your theme to generate. Do you want your website to look corporate or creative or keep it minimal?

  • Gutenberg compatible themes if you use Gutenberg editor.

2. Budget

Once you are sure about what you need in your website, you can decide on the budget. People often look for free WordPress themes. But if the features of the free theme do not match with your website goals then you won’t like the end results.

When setting up a website, consider getting a premium WordPress theme. Even the simplest paid themes tend to give better functionality than the free ones. Premium WordPress themes offer continuous developer support and are thoroughly updated for customer satisfaction. The designs tend to be more intricate. These themes are well-structured and purpose-oriented. WordPress theme providers like Themeum even provide on-trend detailed designs on their WordPress themes.

All in all, go for a budget plan that helps you accommodate most of your needs.

3. Responsiveness

Using a responsive WordPress themes is no longer optional. A large group of your targeted audience will come from a variety of devices. Your site needs to be all device-friendly to stand a chance in today’s competitive market.

When trying out a WordPress theme, make sure to check how it appears on landscape view, mobile and on your desktop. WordPress themes from Themeum are even Retina ready which your users will appreciate. A responsive theme ensures the website is faster across devices with no bad site experience.

4. SEO friendly features

The end destination of all websites is to get as many potential clients as possible. This is why a highly SEO-friendly theme is so important. When your website appears as one of the top searches on Google, you get a lot of potential leads accessing your website.

The WordPress themes that have built-in plugins and SEO features are the ones to look for in this case. That way you can insert the right tags, keywords, and content to improve your SEO.

Themeum offers SEO friendly WordPress themes which is clearly mentioned in their core features list.

5. Browser Compatibility

Along with different devices, your targeted customers will also view your website from various browsers or you might have to use your theme in a different browser. Browser compatibility is necessary for a good website experience.

Before installing a WordPress theme, check the feature list to see which browsers it can support. The WordPress theme should work with not only desktop browsers but also mobile browsers. If you cannot find whether the website is browser compatible, just test it on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. and mobile devices.

6. Extensive Customization Options

Customizing the WordPress theme is what makes your website more personalized. This is particularly crucial because another website might use the same WordPress theme. To keep your website unique you need proper customization options. Go for themes that allow you flexible design options, large headlines, multiple call-to-action buttons, layout and styling options and much more to keep your website viewers engaged.

7. Page Builder Support

Page builders plugins are drag and drop tools that lets you build pages and grids with an intuitive interface.

Some WordPress themes come with pre-installed page builder plugins. If they don’t, it is highly recommended that you install one that your theme will support. For instance WP Page builder is compatible with all WordPress themes. Another upside of WordPress themes by Themeum is amazing navigation system powered by WP Mega Menu.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the content of your website is what keeps your clients interested. Themes play a crucial part on getting the initial attention. When building a website, it might not look the way you want straight away. However when you choose the right theme, with some work you will eventually get the best results for your dream website.

What features do you look for in your WordPress theme? Share with us in the comments below!