Believe it or not, 2019 is here and we’ve officially stepped in the last year of this decade! As you read this, just imagine going back to the start of the decade. What did the web pages look like back then? Remember the good old days of grids and static images and you’ll be able to understand the leaps and bounds we’ve made in terms of web design trends.

Design trends are the fastest growing and changing trends as designers are constantly pushed for next level creativity to capture audiences. Not only have we gotten more creative but smarter in terms of web designs. The 10 design trends that are predicted for 2019 in this article are a testament to how much technology will be integrated in designs more than ever now!

2019 will be all about aesthetics and technology merged together so that your website doesn’t look like it’s following a dying fad but looking awesome for the next few years to come!

1. 3D Design trends

3D design trends used by
3D design trends used by

3D Design transitions not only look stunning but has the ability to market your product through your designs. Easily capture the attention of your targets with 3D design transition. This is why these designs are used in a lot of advertising campaigns as they have been associated with higher conversion rates. One sure thing we know is designers all over are adding 3D aspects to their designs to capture visual interests. The 3D design transitions have evolved over the year and the kind of depth that these designs provide can change how we perceive website images forever. Facebook’s 3D photos got really big at the last quarter of 2018, showcasing the excitement in crowds. As AR and VR industries progress, these 3D transitions will start to seep in further in the visuals.

2. Layers of Interaction

Layers of interaction in dribble by YOSHIMI Instant Payments

One of the biggest web design trends for the past year was video and animation and they would most likely to continue this year as well. However, there will be even more branches to this in 2019. Since increasing user engagement is a key focal point of web designs, there has been more work done with interactive elements in that area. As more creative and experimental interactive art makes way, audiences are more attracted to these forms of designs these days.

The reason why adding layers of interaction to web designs are so important is simple- It allows users to feel like part of the design and content. As a result, it will create a bigger impact on their mind and they will remember the details of the product.

3. Creative Provocations

Creative provocation from Brocrock in depositphotos

The most real way to capture audiences is making sure you make a mark on their memory. To urge people with visuals, you need to give them something that moves them, makes them want to talk about it and share on social media. Creative provocation is the way to do just that! 

Creative provocations are here to take over normal designs as designers get more into this trend. The idea is to make users stop in their endless scrolling with bold designs- unconventional visual strategy to make sure your website is on the bookmark list. 

4. Fluid, Geometrical and Fluid Shapes

Creative use of shapes from Affinity

In the past, designers were more inclined to the grid system for symmetry. It was believed that asymmetry leads to distracting users. However, in recent years asymmetrical designs have gained quite the popularity. Extremely well planned asymmetry can work better to guide users to the key points of your website which is why it has been trending so much.

Fluid designs have been in trend  for the last couple of years and they will leave a mark in 2019 as well with even more elements and combined with bold colours and gradients.

To make the perfect in-between of complete asymmetry and conventional designs, there’s the idea of geometric shapes. These shapes can be added in part of the designs to add more depth to it. Adding textures or colours to these shapes can tone down the asymmetry from being overly bold and has an extremely fast load time as well.

The reason why these shapes work so well is because they add an element of dynamism and helps create a balance throughout a web page. Just like colours, shapes too have the ability to evoke certain emotions and can establish your brand aesthetic which is why they would be big in 2019.

5. Custom Illustrations

Custom illustration from Slack

Creating custom-made illustrations are a great way to make your website super fun. Personalizing your visuals is the perfect way to relate to your audience. Engaging people with joyful, light-hearted visuals make your website seem more humane. Try to go for illustrations that bring out your brand tone.

Whether you’re part of a traditional firm or a quirky startup, there’s always a place for illustration in your website to make your website more communicative.

6. Micro-interaction/Micro-animation

Micro-interaction from Femme & Fierce 

Micro-animations are a small but important part that will make its way in web designs in 2019. In some ways, we already experience micro-animations on our devices such as a small checkmark or changing patterns after some actions are performed. The reason why micro-interactions are going so important are because they provide a sense of validation or “reward” as you may call it to users.

Whenever, there’s an action involved in your website, using micro-interactions can help them guide and even give them the sense that they’re performing the correct actions. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated interactions. Small things like a happy emoticon after a user submits a review, or a thumbs-up if someone performs a step correctly are examples that keep users hooked to your site. User-specified micro-animations help web pages feel smarter while being informative.

7. Serifs on screen

Serifs on screen by

One of the least expected design trends is serifs on screen is back. They’ve been reappearing again and used by some of the big shots in the industry. Flat designs were all the rage for a while which caused serifs to go low but now they are all set to be used in 2019 again.

Serifs are a great way to add some personality to your website’s look and add authenticity too. It gives a major timeless look to any site. Another reason why serifs on screen are a better option to use now is because of their better accessibility on screen and Google Fonts options.

8. Gamification and Chatbots

Gamification and chatbots by insomnobot

To make your designs super buzzworthy and incredibly effective, the element of gamification has always been a great addition. In 2019, user interaction through game-like features, and UI aspects are likely to increase as designers thrive to engage audience in new ways.

Some super popular gaming techniques are introducing level points, hidden trivia on  pages to make users go through each page, and even rewards. Gamification techniques can even be included in contact forms where filling each field like an “achievement” to instigate your need to complete it. Introducing contests and quizzes will also go big this year. Infact including chatbots to interact and guide these games can be a fun element to add.

Chatbots and their use in websites have pretty much become an idea that’s getting more normalized than ever before. Chances are most of use have already interacted with chatbots. The constant improvements to AI and machine learning has ensured that we get autosuggestions in Grammarly or Google, and why Facebook predicts our actions so well. This means that your users will start off in your website with an awesome experience which is a great thing for conversion.  

In 2019, web designers have the scope to incorporate gamification techniques and chatbots that are more efficient and perfected than before. Web interactions will therefore become more absolute and flawless this year.

9. Minimalism

Minimalism in Spotify

Minimalism has always been extremely attractive aesthetic if done right. In 2019, we will see a more conceptual aspect of minimalism- thought evoking photography and design elements. The idea is to make users stop and try to read deeper into your site.

There are two great benefits to minimalism. The first one being speed time being faster. Since minimalist designs don’t require heavy elements, the load time is way less than complex imagery. This brings about the second reason why minimalism is a good way to go. It helps improve search engine score of your website. This is because one of the criteria to rank higher in engines is faster load time.

10. Diversity

No matter where your audience comes from, one thing is common to all: We want to feel included. This is why merging diversity into designs is so important. People of all races, genders, ages, etc. should feel like they’re receiving attention.

There are some core examples of diversity in designs that have are noticed all over- choices of skin colour in emojis, testimonials from people of all races, and gender ratio balance in website designs.

In 2019, designs will cater even more towards making the web accessible. These designs will give people the ability to visualize themselves in your designs. The smallest of changes can make sure that people feel that their diverse personas are addressed.

Pantone color of the year, 2019- Living Coral!

Color is the immediate way to reach out to audiences. Right color choice leads to users staying more on your web page while the wrong choice can cause distraction and agitation.

Last year, Pantone’s color of the year was “Ultra Violet”. If you look back now, you’ll notice how much we saw the violet hues all over the web last year in 2018.

With 2019, Pantone’s choice for color of the year is Pantone 16-1546- Living Coral. The color is associated with optimism, joyous spirituality and gleeful activity. This orange-pink hue was chosen to promote human connectivity in this digital era. So this year we’ll be seeing more of this warm and sociable color seeping into website designs, decorations and digital prints.

Wrapping up

We mention the top 10 design trends that  we think will rule this year. However, we’re sure that there would be even more designs to indulge into and pleasing users as designers continually push the boundaries. From 3D design transitions that appear more real than ever to dreamy illustrations, conceptual minimalism concepts to bold designs, awesome typography and beautiful shapes- we’re definitely in for an amazing visual journey in the last chapter of this decade!

What are your website design trends predictions for 2019? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!