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Event portals are a great way to present and list all the current events. They give an insight to the readers of what they can expect and it is always a plus if the theme is corresponding to the event’s purpose. You want to create a website that will build anticipation and which will be easy to use and navigate. 

However, event themes can be difficult to set up so the easiest way to achieve this is to go for a WordPress theme. According to data from web technology survey firm W3Techs, WordPress now powers 30% of the web which makes them by far the most popular CMS (content management system). The best part is that there are various WordPress event themes which can glam up your website.

How to Choose the Right Theme?

Before we get to the best event themes of 2019, we want to address some criteria which you should consider while deciding on the theme for your event.

Managing Registrations

It is best to choose a theme which will allow you to manage registrations directly from the website. There are two options: you can sell the tickets yourself or you can integrate a ticketing service which will sell the tickets for you.

Responsive Design

Your design should accommodate smartphone users and you can achieve that by including a mobile responsive design. This aspect is very important because nowadays most people use their phones for browsing through the internet and you want them to have a complete visualization of what you have to offer.

Social Media Integration 

If you want to connect with your audience during the organization of the event you should integrate social media. Social media has become essential in marketing strategy so allowing your audience to keep track of what is going on before, during, and even after the event will bring you some loyal attendees.

Selection of Pre-built Templates

All the essential pages of your website should have pre-built templates. It will make the process much easier and save you some time. That is why you should pay attention that you have a selection of pre-built templates to choose from.

Two Main Types of Events Theme 

Lastly, consider two main types of event themes. There are themes which are designed to promote a single event and themes which will help you to feature multiple events on the website. Choose the theme accordingly. 

No matter which event you need to promote in 2019, consider the following themes which will enable you to present your project in the best light and give it a strong head start.

1. Eventum

Eventum theme is the perfect theme for any kind of event. This highly customizable theme allows you to adapt your website to any type of event from a friendly meeting over exhibitions to a formal conference. No matter which type of gathering you are planning this theme will cover all necessary features like managing tickets, event venues, speakers, sessions, sponsors, and all other requirements for a successful organization.

A software developer at SupremeDisserations explains, “What I like about Eventum is that it has a lot of amazing features and functionalities, but it still lets you create something authentic.”

The theme offers 7 home variations, unlimited color schemes, and it is SEO friendly.

2. Eventco

Eventco is a great option for conferences and meet-up sites. If you want a straightforward theme which will present what the audience will learn from the experience this is the one for you. There are 7 different home variations and all will add both value and beauty to your event presentation. You can choose the one which corresponds the best to your event, from more simple to more unique one. What makes this theme perfect for meetups and conferences is that it gives you a template for adding all the important aspects of your event such as:

  • Date and time (including an event calendar for easier navigation)
  • Organizers
  • Sponsors
  • Speakers (along with their designations, descriptions, images, social media links, and sessions)

This theme offers both single event and multiple event options. That is, you will be able to keep track with all your previous and future events at the same time. 

3. Melody

Whether you are a musician, music band, an agent, or their fan and you want to organize a concert, Melody should be your pick. The 4 home variations adapt to different types of music so you have Melody Default, Melody Classic, Melody Rock, and Melody Concert. The theme will give you beautiful templates to start from and will help you to create a unique and mesmerizing website.

In case your event is featuring more performers, this theme allows you to display all performers on a single page and you can even add their photos and social media links. With diverse colors and all options available which you need for spotless event organization, Melody theme can be exactly what you and your audience need.

4. Vocal

Vocal is a very attractive and noticeable WordPress theme which can work for any kind of music or cinema activity. This professionally designed event theme can be used for nightclubs, bands, concerts festivals, movie projections, or any other artistic event. It is a fully responsive and mobile ready theme which has many interesting features like map location, the tickets price, 6 predefined color presets, built-in audio player, option for adding numerous photo albums and videos, YouTube and Vimeo support, as well as full-screen background slider.

5. Strings

This fully responsive WordPress theme is the right choice for musicians, bands, artists, music studios, and entertainment companies. Strings has the functionalities to stream music, create events, as well as enlist the performers and albums. 

Ethan Dunwill, a content editor at HotEssayService shares his experience, “I was really surprised with how easy it is to build a great website with this theme. I helped my friend to create an eye-catching website for his rising career in music and we are very proud of the outcome!”

Some of the most important features of this theme are responsiveness, event grid layout, gallery listings, performer and album listings, audio player, language translation supports, and many more.


These WordPress themes can save you some trouble and help you to present your event so that it captivates the users as soon as they enter the website.

With these event themes you will get pre-designed and feature-based templates to start with and from there you can easily build it up until it represents your event just like you envisioned.

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