As a part of our process to upgrade your experience with ShapeBootstrap, we bring changes to ShapeBootstrap stuff whenever necessary. Our modifications are always intended to improve the overall performance of your items sold on this platform. Having our valued authors in mind, we’ve decided to update the ShapeBootstrap item thumbnail image policy.

Changes at a glance

  • Upload thumbnail images having a size of 800x600
  • From now on, you can use mockups to create item thumbnail images
  • You can also use our pre-built mockups to create your item thumbnails easily and rapidly

Make sure your thumbnail text does not exceed 20% of the total space of the image

Item thumbnail size

The thumbnail images you uploaded so far had a size of 850 x 660. But from now on the thumbnail image size would be 800x600. So, upload these size images for your item thumbnails from now on. However, you don’t need to upload a resized thumbnail for the already submitted item(s). All future uploads from today will require following the new thumbnail policy. 

Welcome mockups

We are introducing mockups for the first time for item thumbnails. You can either use our ready-made mockups or you can make them on your own. We have plenty of sample thumbnails ready for you to use. Download them from here. You will also get links to these mockups on the ShapeBootstrap item submission page.

Texts on thumbnails

We’ve decided to keep the thumbnail texts as minimal as possible. From now on you are advised to have texts on a thumbnail below 20% of the total space of the image. This will not only give it a better look but also will be a reason for higher conversion.

Our modifications are intended to reduce the site loading time and improve overall performance once you all follow these newly applied modifications. Thank you for being with us. Have a nice journey ahead.