The world’s most popular responsive frontend framework Bootstrap gets its sixth alpha release for the V4. The latest experimental ship brings some major changes like embracing Flexbox and dropping IE9 support. Let’s have a look at some of the significant updates to Bootstrap 4 in its Alpha 6 issue.


Default Flexbox

Bootstrap 4 grasps Flexbox, the powerful layout tool in the latest alpha release. This will offer more flexibility and control over the core Bootstrap components and its grid system. The development team has rewritten the grid layout system and the entire list of major components in flexbox. 


Drops IE9 Support

Flexbox in Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 has come at the cost of Internet Explorer 9 support. This alpha version enables Flexbox by default and it cannot be disabled using Saas variable. This brings significant advancements to component layout, sizing and alignment. 


Responsive Utilities

Starting from V4 Alpha 6, Bootstrap’s wide utility suit that contains classes like ‘display, float, flexbox’ and so on, is completely responsive. To improve these class names’ approachability and representativeness, their naming scheme also gets some changes. 


Grid Improvements

Bootstrap version 4 alpha 6 also sees some important improvements in its grid system. The framework receives responsive autosizing columns along with further container padding options. You can add any number of .col-* classes and these will be equal in width automatically. Plus you can remove gutters (empty spacing between elements) from grid rows and columns.


Updated Navbar

The navigation bar in the previous alpha version was a little ‘half baked’, as the Bootstrap blog reads. Now they say that the latest Alpha build has a rewritten navbar which is better responsive and customization-supported thanks to Flexbox. 


Besides the sixth alpha release announcement, the Bootstrap blog has also confirmed that this one was the last alpha version and the first beta ship will follow the path. We look forward to experiencing the all new Bootstrap features. Have you tried the V4 Alpha 6 yet? Share your experiences and recommendations via comments below. 


Download Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6