WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” is now available for download and on-site update. The latest version of the CMS has been named after legendary American jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. The software gets a bunch of new features that will make your experience with WordPress better. By the way, don’t forget to take a full backup of your site before updating to the newer version. You need to make sure that your current themes and plugins are compatible with WordPress 4.7.


Now that I’ve made the precautionary stuff clear, it’s time to have an overview of WordPress 4.7.  


Brand New Theme

WordPress 4.7 packs a new default theme called ‘Twenty Seventeen’. It’s the first default WordPress theme with a corporate/business design. Twenty Seventeen brings a bunch of useful features like video header, placeholder contents, personalizable widgets, social menus etc.  



Starter Contents

WordPress 4.7 introduces a new functionality that lets theme developers add ‘Starter Contents’ into their themes. When a user will install and activate the theme, the starter contents would not be shown on the live site. But once the admin enters into the customization mode, he/she will see the starter contents as placeholder items. This will help build a site faster.  



Add Pages via Customizer

WordPress 4.7 lets you create new pages directly on the Menus section of the frontend customizer panel. If you are taking a fresh start, this will help you create menu items linked to pages, easily without leaving the customizer page.  



Live Custom CSS

Adding a custom CSS snippet to the theme is a good way to tweak the appearance of your site. The new WordPress version shows live preview as you put the code inside the box. It enables you to see the output before saving changes.  



Edit Shortcut

While tweaking the appearance of your theme using the native WordPress customizer panel, the website preview will now show new signs on the editable elements. For an example, while you are customizing the front page of your site, you will see an 'Edit' shortcut beside the logo, title and such other editable parts so that you can just click and edit them right away without navigating between customizer sections.  



Multiple Backend Languages

Now you can use different languages on your site’s backend and front-end. Add new site languages to your site from WP general settings, then your team members can change the dashboard language for their own account from individual profile setting pages.  



REST API Endpoints for Contents

WordPress 4.7 gets REST API endpoints for posts, comments, users, terms, meta, and settings that will enable an easier and a more standard machine-readable external access to your site. Check this official reference page for more about this feature. WordPress 4.7 has a range of new features and functionalities useful for both end-users and developers. Hope you will like them. You can check the full feature list here.


Have you tried WordPress 4.7? You're invited to share your experience with us via comments!