Hey all, we have a big news to announce. Today we’ve launched a whole new design of ShapeBootstrap which offers an enhanced look and feel while using the site. We’ve not only improved the overall front-end UI/UX, but it also has tons of new good things in the backend. 



A Completely New Experience 

The overhauled design of ShapeBootstrap makes it even easier to go through our fast expanding theme collections, manage individual user profiles, upload/download a theme, manage payouts and so on. It’s a completely new experience you can enjoy while using the platform. The new ShapeBootstrap interface also comes with the author-defined item discounting function. The affiliates page now tells more about the program which will help new participants tremendously. 



More Informative Author Profiles

There are lots of changes on the theme author profile pages. We decided to make it more informative and functional. On the new ShapeBootstrap platform, theme author profiles now show the overall author rating on the top sidebar, total item count on the sidebar and all of an author's themes are showcased directly on his/her profile. It drastically saves a huge time to a visitor.



Streamlined Theme Collections 

The way we present our collection of themes has received some cleaner touches. The grid view is now further distraction free and shows only the necessary information at the first look. If the visitor feels more interest in an item, they can just hover mouse on the tile and get links to see the item details and the live demo of the theme. 



Rich Knowledgebase

We've added a brand new knowledge base section which answers almost every question related to the marketplace membership, revenue mechanism, author-customer matters, payments and more. The entire knowledge base/marketplace documentation resources are efficiently grouped into some major areas and each group is then sub-categorized into more relevant niches. The KB articles are being developed constantly, so stay tuned for a far richer experience. 



Brand New Blog Design

The blog section gets a complete redesign. Now it has a sidebar to enable easier category based navigation and finding more relevant & popular posts at a glance. Sharing articles with friends is now quicker than it was in the previous version of the site because the sharing buttons are now placed on the top of the blog contents. The blog author profile information is now shown under the post contents which is a pretty good thing.



Core System Improvements

The new design of ShapeBootstrap involves a lot more under the hood improvements. The item upload page is now much more informative with necessary guidelines and feature explanations. User dashboard has gotten a speed upgrade with more hassle-free account management options. Our dev team definitely deserves a big thumbs up for this.


We hope you will love all of our efforts behind the cool new interface. Check these new features, have a faster, prettier ShapeBootstrap experience and let us know your thought about it. Happy developing!