At ShapeBootstrap, we always want to do something that will make the web prettier, smarter and faster. The marketplace is an awesome platform to express the creativity of designers and developers. Today we want to accelerate the gear of the entire process with a brand new tool. We've just launched our free and open source initiative IcoFont. It's a font icon generator that everyone can use in their projects at free of cost.


Why IcoFont?

Well, although there are few other icon font tools available online, but still you would love IcoFont because it has an amazingly huge number of scalable vector icons. Currently, IcoFont offers 2070 beautifully crafted icons categorized in 29 categories so you can easily download the icon set you need.



Fully Personalized

The IcoFont website lets you check the entire collection of font icons in a glimpse. You can browse and download icon categories as you desire. To get details about a single icon, just click on it and a preview with its Class, Hex, HTML Entity and Markup will appear on the bottom.



Powerful Search

2000+ icons is a big deal. But don't worry, you can search and find your required icons in a second. The All Icons page features a powerful search bar where you can find your desired icon instantly. It presents the search results in real-time, just as you type the keyword, it shows relevant icons below the bar. It couldn't be faster!


So, what are you waiting for? Visit and download the revolutionary iconic font right now. Give your projects a smarter look with IcoFont. Again, it's a free and open source tool, we really appreciate if you tell the world that you love and use IcoFont. That will inspire the team.


See IcoFont license details here. Visit the IcoFont Facebook group and participate in the community discussions.


Happy developing. Cheers!