With the blooming internet and technology, the time itself is flying away fast. A brand new year is approaching in and it is time to put aside the shackle of what we achieved, what we could do more and dive in to make the coming year more productive and amazing. In the nation of ThemeHunt, the year 2017 was an amazing one. It is a big tradition of ThemeHunt to take some time at the end of each year and look back. This instance we have achieved many things that we have been planning for a long time. So, come and let’s jump in together in a look back at the amazing 2017 at ThemeHunt, with some look forward.  

It’s been almost 5 years since our marketplace started cruising towards achieving the milestone of being a resourceful portal with quality items and an amazing productive interface for both the users and the authors. This year we have been rebranded from ShapeBootstrap to ThemeHunt. Also, we have redesigned both the outlook and the dynamic approach of our website.

2017 was a great year, lots of progesses and a new leap forward towards the future.

A new theme submission and download procedure is introduced with the new design of the website. A stronger support team is built throughout the year. So, the support responses are now significantly quicker. To offer better user experience and swiftest financial transaction, we have enhanced our payment transfer system along with new payout schedule on the 1st of each month. Throughout the year we have worked really hard to add features like presale live chat, author-user centralized support, individual product forum in our newly designed site. The details are as follows.

ThemeHunt, a new journey

By the time, our community is growing. We are gradually becoming a bigger community of authors and users. A bigger community deserves a bigger platform. So, we decided to rebrand ShapeBootstrap (the previous name of our marketplace) to ThemeHunt, added some amazing features to ease up the life for the authors and users of the marketplace. The added dynamic aspects in all over the site make it a unique theme destination. 

Renovated site design

The new design of ThemeHunt is completely different from the look of ShapeBootstrap. We have prioritized user experience on top of everything to present a masterpiece to our users. Before hours of coding, we spent days in research to give the site a unique design with all the necessary functionalities. Also, we are planning to make it more user friendly in 2018.

Improved theme submission

We have introduced a new theme submission policy for ThemeHunt. Regarding theme submission, we have enabled mockups for the first time as the item thumbnail. There are ready made mockups which you can choose from or you can use your own. Also, the theme download procedure is now more user-friendly and easier than ever. 

Stronger support team 

Now we have a fleet of skilled and professional support executives. We have rebuilt our team of expert professionals to ensure you receive the best support you need. Collaboration with our authors and users and completing assigned tasks in supersonic speed are our top priorities. 

Bigger review team

This year we’ve gotten a bigger theme review team, so your submitted items’ review will not be delayed in future. The team now ensures that the pending themes are reviewed timely and published accordingly. If your product is up to ThemeHunt standard, you can sit back and relax as your product will be published timely. 

Presale live chat

Users/authors have all the rights to judge and know some core vital information about the products and marketplace quickly. We wanted to go beyond the product description and demo. For that, we have integrated an amazing functional presale live chat system to avail the users to have their queries answered by the authors. 

Author-user centralized support

ThemeHunt now satisfies the ultimate need to make the support a prioritized service for the customers by making it product-wise. Here is now a system of an individual unique forum for each of the products from the start of the first sale. Authors will be on the forum to fix issues of the users and support in anything they need. Customers can place any difficulties they face immediately after buying a product. The author will get notifications of these queries for a quicker response. The whole system initiates a process of prompt support with least effort.

So, this is how we have shaped our year in 2017. The coming days will bring new challenges for us. And we believe we are ready to take our platform to a new level in the coming year. Also, we would like to give a many thanks to all of our authors and users. With you all, we will definitely pass a great year in 2018.