Many a times you tried available online tools to check your website performance, security, and other issues. Yet you look for a reliable tool to depend on. Microsoft, the software giant comes with Sonar, an open source tool to test your website. Sonar is basically a linting tool for the web, with a complete focus on the developer experience vowed to bring the community together to determine the best practices in different web areas.

How Sonar works

You don’t need to be a technology pro to make it work for you. Just enter the desired website’s URL and hit the “RUN SCAN” button.

Sonar checks the areas of accessibility, interoperability, performance, PWA, security of your website, and shows the number of the errors and warnings found on your website. It gives you a permalink to access the result any time you want. Alongside mentioning the total number of errors and warnings as a whole, it shows the errors and warnings in different fields too.

The detailed result and recommendations

Even after having the errors and warnings highlighted with their categories, you can have their details so that you can fix them focusing on the specific problems. It not only gives you the error details but also tells you what to do to fix them.

Integration and support

Sonar doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Since this kind of tools are already available, this is why it tries to integrate other tools and services that do a great in this case. Sonar uses aXe for accessibility, and SSL Server Test for checking the certificate configuration. It also integrates with AMP validator,, SSL Labs, and Cloudinary

Sonar now supports jsdom, Chrome, and Edge 15. Support for Firefox will also be added soon. If your favorite browser is not supported, you have the option to develop a connector for it.

Yes, you can not make your website perfect and free of all errors, but you have room for improvements. This newly released open source tool welcomes you to suggest any modification and improvement ideas. You can contribute to the tool too. Click here if you want to make it better.