It’s been quite a long time, more than 4 years to be precise, we have been running ShapeBootstrap successfully with a large community of both authors and buyers. During this journey, we cared to research on the available marketplaces. We found that people around the world are craving for top-notch web products. The developers and companies with their quality works are being continuously failed to reach customers. There’s a growing need on the both sides. People who are looking for products aren’t there where developers/companies are placing them or vice versa. Bringing all of them to a single place is what a marketplace should do. But due to the absence of much-needed functionalities, most marketplaces cannot live up to the expectations.

These findings led us to build a marketplace that really meets the needs of all types of users. Yes, you guessed right. Today we welcome you all to ThemeHunt- The rebranded new identity of ShapeBootstrap. A completely different marketplace with so many exciting stuff for both the authors and the buyers.

What makes ThemeHunt unique?

After looking into the real-life experiences of authors on the ShapeBootstrap marketplace, we vow to cover all of the desiring functionalities that have been missing in most of the marketplaces available today. Let’s know what ThemeHunt is bringing for you.

Brand new design

Once you are reading this article you must have noticed, ThemeHunt’s design is a lot different from the design you usually see. We had user experience at the core while designing this masterpiece. The design and functionality you see here on this marketplace now are completely focused on UX so that our users can get the best out of it. Making it user-friendly with such a unique design while having all essential functionalities was a big challenge. Credit goes to our expert design and development professionals who worked hard to bring this out for you. 

Pre-sale live chat

We know, you care what you buy. There are things beyond what an author can present on a description or a demo of an item. Thus leads interested people to ask questions to the author of the item. We’ve integrated an amazing pre-sale live chat support system where people will be able to have their queries answered by the authors. We want both sides to be clear about an item before anyone purchases a product. We believe, this wonderful live chat system will help authors improve their products with new features as well since they will hear from the users.

Product-wise individual forum

ThemeHunt comes with an idea to make the support truly work for the customer by making it product-wise. Support has never been this way effective before. There is a system of an individual forum for each of the products from the beginning of the first sale. Authors will be available there to fix issues of the users and support in anything they need. Instead of having a support forum away from the main site, this system places support on a tab close to the product. Customer can place any query immediately after buying a product. The author will be notified of this query for a prompt response. It will also ensure that the author can support all the customers with least effort. 

New strategies

ThemeHunt is brand new. We will have new ways to go. We do know, following the straight path is safe, but we believe going through a new one is an adventure. Team ThemeHunt has a brand new strategy to grow. Adopting new technologies and strategies have always been a part of our company culture. Thus we made progress before. This time, new strategies will help us lot better as they are well researched. Feel excited there’s more for you to enjoy.

Extended and restructured team 

It requires a great team to build something revolutionary. We already have had a great team but we have come one more step ahead to add more value. We revamped our team by restructuring and extending it with some expert professionals. We segmented the entire team into some small chunks on the basis of the type of work everyone does at ThemeHunt. It will ensure the perfect team collaboration and get the assigned job done on time.

Quick product review

Your submitted product items will not be delayed to review. We have a different team to do so. We will ensure your submitted items reviewed timely and published as soon as possible if they can live up to ThemeHunt standard. Our experienced team member will provide a superfast product review for you. 

Freedom in pricing the items

As an author, you can set the price of your item all by yourself. Unlike the most other common marketplaces, ThemeHunt will give you the freedom to weigh your work. You can raise or cut the price whenever you want. Authors can offer any special discount on their items anytime and lift that offer whenever they wish. On ThemeHunt, we are offering the complete freedom in pricing the items. Hope the authors will enjoy this freedom very much.

Super-fast support

Team ThemeHunt is up and running to fix your issues timely. Let your quest be met and queries answered by our well trained and highly experienced support engineers. We know, support of most marketplaces gets slower with the growing number of community members. Support drops phenomenally after a certain period of time. Here we will make an exception. Our support team will grow with the number of the community members we will have along the way. The best part is, we already have a large support team. 

Payout on the very first day of the month

We are very caring when it comes to giving what you make out of your products on our marketplace. This time we will ensure the payout on the very first day of each month upon having a minimum $50 in your account. There would be no dues whatsoever.

There are plenty of reasons ThemeHunt will be your favorite marketplace. We are implementing each of the things we said above. You will only understand how we do once you start selling or buying on ThemeHunt. We appreciate your feedback. If there’s something you want this marketplace to have or anything you don’t like about ThemeHunt, please feel free to email us. We will get back to you real soon. Let’s have a great journey ahead.It’s been quite a long time, more than 3 years to be precise, we have been running ShapeBootstrap successfully with a large community of both authors and buyers.