Howdy web community! We got an absolutely exciting news for you. The long awaited Bootstrap 4 first beta has been released after a couple of years in the making. The shiny new beta version of the world’s most popular frontend framework comes with tons of new facilities and prospects.

The Bootstrap official blog post reads, the framework has brought a lot of brand new stuff and improved most of the previous features thanks to a remarkable amount of efforts. Let’s have a look at what goodies are in Bootstrap 4 beta 1.

What’s new in Bootstrap 4 beta 1?

  • Moved to Flexbox, grid system improved

  • Dropped wells, panels, and thumbnails for new Cards component

  • Brand new customization options

  • Moved from Less to Sass

  • All JavaScript plugins have been rewritten

  • Completely redesigned and improved documentation

  • Auto-placement of tooltips, popovers, and dropdowns have been improved

  • Forked Normalize.css and consolidated all HTML resets into a new CSS module, Reboot

  • Dropped older browser versions, and moved to rem units for component sizing

  • New build tools rewritten in npm scripts

You already know most of the new features that were planned for Bootstrap 4. We’ve covered them in details in a previous blog post when Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 was released in January this year.

So, this marks another step towards the new Bootstrap age. Have you tried Bootstrap 4 beta 1 yet? Please share your experience with us.

Download Bootstrap 4