What makes a marketplace successful is user engagements. While we promote our ThemeHunt marketplace as a whole, you still have something to do to promote your own items on the platform. In many cases, you stand higher chances of getting your items sold in such individual promotions that target specific items. So you are losing an increasing number of potential sales if you only submit your items and do nothing about them.

Let’s be clear and more specific

Though ThemeHunt gets a substantial amount of traffic, we do advertise and promote our marketplace to engage more people and extend the community. This helps us grow and let the people have their desired themes and templates.You still can do something to promote your items. When we decide to promote, we target our marketplace as a whole, but when you decide, you will target your own items. So, this type of promotion will benefit you and keep you ahead of the community as an author. Follow this submission guidelines before you submit a new item.

Guideline for authors to optimize themes for higher sales

Let’s have a look at what you exactly need to do before going into details. The things mentioned below are the proven actions you are recommended to take in optimizing your themes in order to boost your sales.

A sneak peek into the entire article

  • Create good titles with appropriate keywords
  • Add a catchy theme description
  • Describe the features in a way that attract the customers
  • Use catchy and informative graphic contents
  • Share the themes on social media channels
  • Run paid promotions
  • Have a content strategy and build your network

Now let’s delve into the real actions

Title with keywords

Choose a theme title with the most relevant keywords. The title will mostly help your item be found in the search. Be it on our website or in the Google SERP. Make sure you choose from the most relevant ones.

Theme details

Add a theme description that says about your theme in the best way. The keywords in the description will work much better in this case. This will ensure that the visitor can get the necessary information in the shortest possible time. 

Attractive feature list

Present your theme features in a way that draws visitor’s attention and compel them to purchase it. You can use bullet for each of the features to get quick attention.

Eye-catching banner

Just after the title, the item banner will appear in the visitor's eyes. A banner displaying some key benefits can convince people to purchase your item. So, take this chance!


One image can tell thousands of words. An infographic can depict almost everything your theme offers. This is your best chance to present your features with signs, icons, graphs and other elements effectively.

Search engine optimization 

If you can optimize the theme contents having SEO in mind, especially with the relevant keywords, your items will appear in the search and reach the most number of the potentials customers.

Share on social media channels

Facebook? Yes of course, but don’t be limited to just this most popular one. Your potential customers may be somewhere else. So why wouldn’t you consider Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Pinterest, and some other social networking sites? Have Linkedin to your top priority, as people who are actually looking for business templates are there for their different purposes. 

Paid promotions

Free stuff are great. But not always sufficient for achieving the ultimate goal. That’s why we recommend you to run paid campaigns on different releavnt channels like social media, online resource portals, blogs, and so on. 

Latest technologies and tools

Themes that are built with the latest and advanced technologies are highly likely to be sold. So adopting new technologies in building your items will keep you ahead in the marketplace.

Be honest with the features

For the most part, if you mention a feature that your theme doesn’t have, your customer might ask for a refund eventually. So, be honest with the theme feature list, descriptions, graphics, and promotions. 

Content strategy

As a part of this community, you do understand the power of content. You can not say what your items are about without contents. Having blogs telling about your items will impress people to purchase them. Publishing different blog posts relating to your items (like sharing different aspects of your theme building story) will make people come to them. So, have a content strategy to make your items reach more people.


You will find different people doing similar kind of work as you do. Enlist your items in their blogs if that is relevant. Write a blog post related to your theme and publish them on different popular blogs. Make sure to have the item links there. Build your network and meet other authors and industry influencers through different activities.

The strategies above are proven for many successful theme authors. You may have your own strategies as well. Follow your heart if you are confident. We believe, together we can make ThemeHunt a great hub for people who are looking for themes for their websites. Do your parts as we are doing ours. Good luck.