Just after two months of Bootstrap 4 Beta 1 release, Bootstrap brings the v4 Beta 2 on 19 October 2017. The development of Bootstrap 4 is not done just by this two beta versions, rather the Beta 3 is also in the pipeline with lots more to be introduced. However, the Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 will surprise you with its cool features and functionalities. The improvements come in the area of (but not limited to) customization, documentation, build tooling, as well as naming inconsistencies all while fixing a number of known bugs.

What does Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 brings for you?

While the development is still going on, releasing Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 is just for you to make the upgrade and testing process as easy as possible. There have been 500 commits over the period of last two months. So there’s pretty a lot of changes to experience. Let’s see what’s in there.

Brand new theming doc page

There’s a new theming doc page which will replace the old options page. The improved theming doc page will have structure of Sass files, default variables and customizing them, maps and loops, functions, colors, and of course or global Sass options. There have been some changes to CSS and the Sass variables.

Offset grid classes

After understanding the auto-margins are simply not enough, Bootstrap brought back offset grid classes. Previously they underestimated the need of .offset- classes for grid system and removed that ahead of v4 Beta 1 prematurely. Now the styles are restored with an updated grid doc.

Updated migration docs

Some changes have been made and a new section has been added to the migration docs page to detail exactly what the changes might be broken for you. Few of the existing classes have been renamed to ensure everything is consistent with the rest of the project.

Other notable improvements

  • Introduced the new pointer-events usage on modals. (.modal-dialog, pointer-events: none, .modal-backdrop, .modal-content, pointer-events: auto.)
  • Responsive tables now generate classes for each grid breakpoint. Added .table-responsive-{sm,md,lg,xl} to the already present .table-responsive.
  • Included two brand new dist files containing Popper.js inside bootstrap.bundle.js and bootstrap.bundle.min.js.
  • Removed unnecessary color from .badge, and it’s associated $badge-color variable.
  • Switched breadcrumbs from float to flexbox.
  • Switched to Stylelint for CSS linting needs.
  • System to output a handful of CSS variables in compiled CSS for easy prototyping and customizing with dist files.

That’s not the end. There are more to come in the upcoming Bootstrap 4 Beta 3 version. So there are still lots of modifications to be made. The stable version of Bootstrap 4 is going to be amazing. Everybody in the community is eagerly waiting to have that final version. So let’s keep testing the Beta versions and keep our fingers crossed for the final one.

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