Your success as a freelancer does not only depend on how skillfully you get the job done for your clients but also on how timely are you to submit projects. You might not get an expected rating from your clients if you can not submit projects on time even after meeting all other requirements. Your reputation on the marketplace will decline and you will lose a lot of potential clients in the long run. So managing time properly can save your job as a freelancer. In this article, we will discuss how you can manage your time while working on your client projects.

Time management tips for the freelancers

There are different ways freelancers manage their time to meet the deadline. The ways may vary to different freelancers but here are some tips that come as effective for all freelancers in general.

Define the working hours

Having no fixed working hours for the day will lead you to procrastinate with projects. Most of the freelancers end up crossing the deadline as they don’t have a fixed hours of the days to work. It helps you not only submit projects timely but also have time for yourself. If you can have a fixed working hours you would be capable of keeping the balance of work and your personal life. You may also use a time management tool like Hubstaff.

Set a plausible deadline

You may find clients forcing you to set a deadline at their convenience. But think whether you would really be able to complete the projects within the deadline. Setting a plausible deadline would help you work flexibly and more effectively. Don’t just think you gotta get the projects, think more on how you would complete them meeting all requirements and within the deadline.

Communicate a clear deadline

Be sure that you and the client are in agreement with a specific deadline, including the time of the day (and factor in time zone differences as well). If the deadline is fuzzy, you will definitely have trouble meeting it. You need to ask for a deadline if the client doesn't give you one.

Make a list of the projects and their deadlines

Many freelancers work on multiple projects at a time. It is definitely a good practice to make a list of projects and their deadlines. You will mess things up if you don’t have such a listing. It helps find out which project’s deadline is drawing near. You can turn your sight on to any such project while working on another one.

Segment projects to smaller pieces

Every large project consists of some smaller tasks. Segment projects to such smaller tasks and have starting and completing time for them. Make sure you can complete all projects within the deadline having a quality time to review them.

Shift your priorities according to the given deadline

Freelancers often have more than one projects in their schedules. The best way is to finish the task with the earliest deadline, and then jump to the next one. Take a look at all projects and the deadlines. You can jump to any project if you have to but don’t mess them up. It’s better you don’t start one project without completing ongoing one unless you have to.

Communicate with clients at every step

It’s important that you have a clear idea about what you are asked to do. Talking to your clients at every step helps you in this regard. You can avoid extra work that takes extra time out of your tight schedule. So, talk to your clients every step of the way.

As a freelancer, you need to think about time management as much as quality projects. Your works will not be properly valued if you can not meet the deadline. Missing a deadline might have a devastating impact on the client's side. It’s better you be clear about the deadline with each detail and work accordingly.