Microsoft took a timely step by introducing Fluent Design System at a time when most other design methodologies can barely cope with modern devices. In a world of virtual reality and mixed/augmented reality, you may not be just happy with how your designs look on only desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, you want them to be compatible with all modern devices including what are coming in future. This is where the Fluent Design steps ahead of Google’s Material design and its very own Metro design system. The idea of having all basic design concepts with very new light and depth is going to revolutionize the entire design system with its ability to present elements in all available dimensions. 

Microsoft Fluent Design System

Fluent Design System is a design language developed by Microsoft. It is a combination of all available design system with a set of new design philosophies. Fluent’s key principles are different from the flat concept Metro had defined before, and while preserving the clean look & feel that Metro introduced, Fluent also renews visuals of Aero, including blurred translucency, parallax animated patterns, highlight effects, input gesture movements, and faux materials. 

What’s new in Fluent Design System?

The Fluent Design System is based on 5 key elements: Light, Depth, Motion, Material, and Scale. With this newly devised design system, Microsoft aims at all devices from those with no display at all, through phones, tablets, PCs, to virtual and augmented reality systems. Fluent Design is meant to meet the need of latest mixed reality concept. Its 5 key elements will be the concepts behind designing any product for such devices. And the best part is it does not miss out the basic part of generally followed design system. Be it Microsoft’s very own Metro Design or google’s Material Design. 

How is it going to impact future design methodology?

Any design that is being done today is expected to be fit for all major devices available having virtual and augmented reality at the core. This is where most other design systems fail. With Fluent Design, the worry is much less. This design system is not only going to serve the present devices but also the advanced devices that are coming in future. So in one way or another, the designers who think of creating products that are supposed to last long are definitely going to follow this Fluent Design System. 

The scalable design matters to all designers as there are different sorts of devices starting from a smartwatch to mixed reality devices. There is no design system that does better than Fluent Design in this case.

The newly developed design language is set to change the prevailing design trends. It’s time designers turn their sights away from just flat design like what Joe Belfiore said in Fluent Design launching presentation “It's time to move beyond mere rectangles confined to a plane ”.