Whatever the type of website you create, you may require to set up a pop-up window to let your visitors know any potential updates, offers, announcements. Such pop-up notification works far better than any other ways. Pop up message ensures a high level of user engagement on your site if they are to click on those notifications. When it comes to developing such notification pop up there is nothing but jQuery notification plugin works better. Out of so many jQuery plugins, we listed some of the best jQuery notification plugins that will work perfectly with your site.

jQuery notification popup plugins for developers 

Below is the list of some awesome jQuery notification popup plugins that you can use in your web projects. Follow the link given with each of the names and check which one suits your website the best.



NOTY is a  dependency-free notification library that makes it easy to create alert, success, error,  warning, information, confirmation messages as an alternative to the standard alert dialog. It is considered to be one of the hottest jQuery notification plugin on Github. It has 11 layouts, 5 notification styles, 5+ great looking themes. Noty is well documented and quite easy for developers to use in their project.



Alertify is a functional and bug-free jQuery plugin that you can use easily with any of your web projects. It is very lightweight and dependency free plugin. You can edit the look and feel of this pop up in the CSS. It works fine on all major browsers and has no issues with any device. The creator no longer works on this project yet it works fantastic with any projects. You can contribute to Alertfy on Github if you wish.



Popup is a very lightweight jQuery modal popup plugin. It provides you with all the logic like centering, modal overlay, events and more. It gives you opportunities to customize it your way. It is developed on Github. bPopup has been tested on all major browsers and works completely fine on them.



Notify.js is a jQuery plugin that provides simple yet fully customizable notifications on your site. it offers you the ability to integrate any notifications over any chosen element within the web page. The developer can use it so easily. It is very lightweight and works fine with any web projects.



Lobibox is a free jQuery message box and notification plugin available for commercial and non-commercial usages. It is totally responsive having no issues with any size of devices. You can show multiple messages at the same time and use any type of available animation class for showing and hiding message boxes. Every single message in the popup can be draggable. Lobibox uses its default progress style but you can also use bootstrap or any other style progress bar.



Toastee is a very lightweight jQuery notification plugin that can help you to create “toast style” notification boxes anywhere within your website. Toastee file size is surprisingly only 4kb in total. You can customize toast notification any way you want. To use Toastee, You need to include jQuery and the toastee plugin on your page and then you need to bind it to an element.



Pnotify is considered to be one of the most beautiful jQuery notification plugins available today. It provides notification for both desktop and mobile devices. PNotify can use Bootstrap themes. You can try some of the readymade themes using the selector available in the top right corner of this page. PNotify works fine on your phone and tablet. You can easily swipe notifications away to dismiss them.

Pop up notification is a sign of advanced website. It helps you to convey important notifications to each of your website visitors. The notification is shown instantly. Each of the plugins described above has different features of their own and quite developer friendly. Making changes to their look and feel is just a matter of clicks. Check them first then decide which one to use for your website.