If you've ever searched for the most popular programming language, you must have found JavaScript at the beginning of the list. No matter whatever the language you work with you do need to come to JavaScript for front-end view and different events of your application. Being enriched with plenty of useful libraries, JavaScript is the single most demanded language of the web. JavaScript helps you build eye-catching websites that your visitors love. This is why learning JavaScript could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

When you have decided to learn JavaScript, the next that comes to mind is "Where can I learn this awesome language from?". Here in this article, we will introduce you to some trusted free resources of JavaScript that will quench your learning thirst entirely.

Why JavaScript?

Apart from being immensely popular, there are a lot of other reasons to learn JavaScript. It is a beginner's friendly language. It has understandable syntax that can be much easier to learn. It does not require any extra software to set up the environment. Only a browser is enough to run the code. There are plenty of JavaScript libraries to help you ease your effort (jQuery, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS are the most popular ones). It will have you at the peak of the job demand if you have mastered any of the popular JavaScript libraries.

Free Resources to learn JavaScript

There are a number of resources that would help you learn JavaScript. Most of them will introduce you to JavaScript syntax but below are the resources where you can learn not only the basics but also you can go from novice to ninja in JavaScript.


Undoubtedly this is the most trusted online resource to learn web technologies from. It has a special segment for JavaScript and some of its libraries. You can write your code and run them in real time there. It does not miss out any of the most useful JavaScript elements. It teaches you with a lot of examples.

Mozilla's JavaScript Guide

This is where you can learn JavaScript from the basic to an advanced level. It has everything you need to know about JavaScript. It segments the tutorials into different parts for the different levels of the learners. Anyone wanting to hone JavaScript skills is highly recommended to follow Mozilla's JavaScript Guide.


Codecademy is another platform where you can learn different web technologies. They have a special course on JavaScript. This course will teach the most fundamental programming concepts and how to use them. You'll learn about different data types, functions, loops, control flow, and objects. Finally, you'll be able to put everything together to build your own game with JavaScript!


Sololearn is a mobile app-based web technology learning platform. Sololearn has a compact JavaScript course that mainly teaches you JavaScript basics. You can write your code and run them to see how they work. Sololearn gives you a lot of information about JavaScript that you might be asked in your interview in pursuing a JavaScript job.


Thenewboston is a YouTube-based learning platform that teaches you different web technologies. JavaScript is one of them. They are one of the most popular channels having plenty of learners across the globe. You can trust their tutorials and start learning immediately.


Freecodecamp helps you be a full stack web developer having JavaScript at the core of its program. It teaches you JavaScript and React JS as a javaScript library. It has almost 400 hours of JavaScript coding practices that would teach you everything about JavaScript. You will be able to vie for job with your portfolio if you have taken their course properly.


There are some free courses on Udemy, Udacity, and Edx. You can take their free courses. But free courses of such paid tutoring marketplaces don’t always offer good tutorials. So you are highly recommended to choose from any of the platforms we included on our list. None of them is paid and they provide quality tutorials even much better than most other paid courses available on paid platforms. So what are you waiting for? Start learning JavaScript now.