As we all know, Google’s Material Design is an unified system that combines theories, resources, and tools for crafting digital experiences. It is also the system for uniting style, branding, motion, and interaction under a set of principles. Recently, Material Design brought some interesting stuff in its latest update. This update is more about the color as it introduced a color tool. Let's discover what else there are with this update.

What’s new in the Material Design update?

Material Design April 2017 update basically brings three different things. They are namely   Color Tool for creating color palettes and testing accessibility, Text Field Boxes for increasing text field discoverability, and Bidirectionality has been added to support RTL in icons.

Color Tool

Material Design has introduced a new way to learn more about colors. The new color tool helps you create, share, and apply color palettes to any sample UI and through components in codepen. It also supports accessibility by evaluating the legibility of text for any kind of color combination. This tool can:

  • Create different color schemes
  • Test accessibility
  • Preview UI in color

Text Field Boxes

Text fields expands on usage the basics and introduces text field boxes to increase text field discoverability. Text field boxes increase the text field identifiability and scannability by using a transparent rectangular fill for enclosing the label and input text.


Text should be in the correct direction for the language it’s in. Namely, any LTR words, such as a URL, will be shown in LTR format, even if all the rest UI is in RTL. There are some icons that need to be mirrored in RTL languages. Despite having a good number of icons that need to be mirrored, there are some icons that require no changes at all. Bidirectionality deals with all that. 

It is great to see such update, especially with some tools that are highly effective in material design. Focusing on color in this update has drawn everyone’s attention as we know color plays an essential role in the current UI/UX scene. Color is what a design is about. Apply all the new tools of material design in your creative design and have a blast.