When we think about building an e-commerce site on WordPress, WooCommerce comes in our mind. Over the years during its journey, WooCommerce has been synonymous to WordPress e-ecommerce. Being the most flexible to use and having been easy to integrate with available payment methods, WooCommerce has been incredibly popular. As a process of ensuring the best possible experience, Automattic has released WooCommerce 3.0. This updated version of WooCommerce comes with some more advancements in its features to let the users use WooCommerce in a better way.

There are a lot of things that you would be excited about. Maybe they are the things you have been waiting for. 

What this WooCommerce 3.0 update includes?

The latest WooCommerce update includes some amazing new things and modifies some of the existing features. This is why it took long to bring this update after v2.6 released on June 14, 2016. 

Let's discover all the goodies in WooCommerce 3.0.

1. Show product images in the overhauled gallery

Not being satisfied with the gallery experience after v2.6 release specially with the views on mobile devices, WooCommerce felt it’s time for a revamp. That’s why they come with this overhauled image gallery with features including the following:

  • Magnify images from the page and zoom in them from a lightbox popup
  • More intuitive gallery behavior with more than one image
  • Mobile gallery view with touch gestures
  • Displays the image’s true size while zooming into a product image on mobile

2. Performance improvements

WooCommerce packs several significant performance enhancements in v3.0, that you’re highly likely to notice if you have a larger store. The two major enhancements are:

  • Now you can use taxonomies to determine and display product visibility, featured products, and out of stock products instead of the slower post meta.
  • Reduced the number of queries for upsells and related products on product and cart pages.

3. Introducing CRUD classes

Since developers use a single method of writing and retrieving data to optimize data storage, so WooCommerce 3.0 introduces CRUD classes. Now you can modify orders, products, customers, shipping zones, line items, payment tokens, and coupons with comparatively less code across a unified system.

4. Command line interface (CLI) for faster data management

Another big smile for developers as WooCommerce overhauled the command line interface (CLI). This REST API powered command line interface reduces the amount of code you'll need to maintain and ensures that the commands will always be current with the improvement of the REST API.

And this update also includes the following improvements:

  • Automatically sorts tax rates making it easier to add and manage new tax zones in the system
  • Notices on site is now dismissable by customers
  • Updated WordPress networks/multisite user handling. Now WooCommerce will add existing users to the current store if the user account already exists in the same network (Which resulted in an error in 2.6).
  • WooCommerce merged cart percent and product percent coupon types into one method which reduces confusion and errors caused by cart-based validation.
  • Improved logging for developers.

WooCommerce 3.0 update includes a lot of advancements which will eventually make users more comfortable with the system. If you are wondering how to update WooCommerce, then click here to read the WooCommerce official instructions. Enjoy WooCommerce and have a successful business ahead.