Your web projects are going to have an astonishing look once you have decided to use IcoFont. If you have not made up your mind yet, here we shed light on some reasons that would make you to consider. Icons are used to add beautiful styling to your web projects. When you need to highlight a particular content, area or segment of your website, there are no other way that is more perfect than IcoFont. It has a bulk collection of fonts with different categories. Let's talk about some of the appealing benefits of using IcoFont.

How IcoFont adds great values to your web projects?

With a wide variety of icons and their eye-catching design, IcoFont will help you make great looking sites. Other benefits of IcoFont include:

Fonts, not images

Looking at the name, you can easily understand it is dealing with font stuff. Do not confuse fonts with images or SVGs. Font icons are lighter than the images and SVGs 

Infinitely scalable

Icons of IcoFont are infinitely scalable. They can be used in any sort of projects and can be given any form irrespective of sizes. Giving a desired size is as easy as using the default size. So have no worries.

Eases your effort

IcoFont eases your effort in design. It lets you add beautiful icons in a much simpler way. Your work of design is lessened, if you use IcoFont in your projects. The amount of time it takes to think and design an eye-catching icon is totally saved when you use icons from IcoFont.

Unique in design

All of the icons in IcoFont are unique and totally different from all the rest available in the market. It is very tough to ensure uniqueness when there are such a huge number of items. Team IcoFont made it possible with their relentless work and creativity. 

Retina ready

You might wonder how your icons will look on larger screens. Don’t worry. Icons of IcoFont are retina ready. They fit in any size of device your websites are on with no change in their color and contrast. 

Very lghtweight

IcoFont icons are very lightweight. It does not take long to load. It takes lesser time than images or SVGs to load with your site. IcoFont Icons have no issues with browsers. They are friendly with all types of browsers and devices. They look same on all browsers without having any changes in quality and style. 

Style in your own way 

You can change the color and the shape of the icons any way you want. IcoFont is so flexible and lets you style it’s icons. You have the freedom to give any size to your icons. Whatever the changes you make that don't affect page loading.

It’s totally free

There’s another thing you would mostly like about IcoFont- it is completely free. Neither any hidden charges nor any sorts of annoying ads with icons.

Incredibly big collection of icons

The number of icons will surprise you. IcoFont has more than 2000 icons in 29 different categories. Once you come to IcoFont for an icon, you don’t have to go anywhere else. 

IcoFont is a very easy to use lightweight icon font for web projects. It is totally free. It is a gift for the designers and developers from ShapeBootstrap. The wide variety of icons with their eye-catching design will attract you and your visitors. Use IcoFont and give your projects astonishing look. 

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