What’s going to work? Yes, the teamwork. Working in a team is a very common phenomenon in the software industry. In fact, it is almost impossible to meet a large project’s deadline without teamwork. Version control system plays a great role here by letting developers work individually and merge them centrally. For the most part, going back to the previous version is the main thing what a version control system does. Git and GitHub are there to smoothen the workflow and ensure the team collaboration in the long run.

Many a times you tried available online tools to check your website performance, security, and other issues. Yet you look for a reliable tool to depend on. Microsoft, the software giant comes with Sonar, an open source tool to test your website. Sonar is basically a linting tool for the web, with a complete focus on the developer experience vowed to bring the community together to determine the best practices in different web areas.

What makes a marketplace successful is user engagements. While we promote our ThemeHunt marketplace as a whole, you still have something to do to promote your own items on the platform. In many cases, you stand higher chances of getting your items sold in such individual promotions that target specific items. So you are losing an increasing number of potential sales if you only submit your items and do nothing about them.

Just after two months of Bootstrap 4 Beta 1 release, Bootstrap brings the v4 Beta 2 on 19 October 2017. The development of Bootstrap 4 is not done just by this two beta versions, rather the Beta 3 is also in the pipeline with lots more to be introduced. However, the Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 will surprise you with its cool features and functionalities. The improvements come in the area of (but not limited to) customization, documentation, build tooling, as well as naming inconsistencies all while fixing a number of known bugs.

Designing is fun when you do it with highly advanced tools. For the most part, such tools can save you a lot of time and give stunning outputs. Despite being insanely creative and passionate about quality design, a designer may not be able to deliver great design if he is not equipped with modern and advanced tools. When it comes to prototyping, having the best quality prototyping tools is like having half of the job done. There are limitations in the most common regular software. So, depending on the advanced ones are so crucial if you really mean what design is.

Reaching your target people through email is cool. It’s probably one of the best ways to introduce your products and services to your potential customers. Apart from that, you can also convey reports, releases or announcements through emails. What if you have a system where you can have your subscribers and email them whenever you want? Yes, this is where the idea of email newsletter services comes in. When most of such services are costly, it is hard to find an email newsletter service that serves your purpose. So, for some small and medium-sized ventures, it becomes an extra burden to pay for such a service. Here in this article, we will introduce you to 5 best free email newsletter service providers.

It’s been quite a long time, more than 4 years to be precise, we have been running ShapeBootstrap successfully with a large community of both authors and buyers. During this journey, we cared to research on the available marketplaces. We found that people around the world are craving for top-notch web products. The developers and companies with their quality works are being continuously failed to reach customers. There’s a growing need on the both sides. People who are looking for products aren’t there where developers/companies are placing them or vice versa. Bringing all of them to a single place is what a marketplace should do. But due to the absence of much-needed functionalities, most marketplaces cannot live up to the expectations.

Did you ever ask how YouTube was built when there was no YouTube? It’s definitely a difficult question to answer when every smart developer seeks helps from YouTube to build anything under the sun. Need to learn web design and development? No worries, there are millions of tutorials and instructive videos on YouTube for people to learn new skills. Anyone with the earnest desire to learn will never be disappointed. And the best part is you do not require money to learn this since YouTube is there. 

In many cases, you need to get users data. Undoubtedly, you will have forms on your site to execute this particular tusk. Sometimes you need large forms to collect data. But your visitors who will fill out those forms will get bored. Here come the jQuery form wizard plugins to help you with that. It can divide your forms into several forms and present smartly to your website visitors. We'll introduce you to 5 Best jQuery form wizard plugins that you can use for your website.